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Tips on Surviving Affiliate Summit

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After deciding to attend Affiliate Summit, you are probably thinking, ‘what now?’. Your next step will be to figure out travel, food, and hotel arrangements.

This year’s Affiliate Summit East will be in New York, New York, at the Marriot from August 10-12. At Affiliate Summit, there is always something exciting happening. The best way to determine what is most important to you is to check out the Affiliate Summit East Agenda.

The Agenda is the key piece of info to take into account when making your own itinerary. This way you can ensure you will get the most out of your Summit experience. There are different events throughout the days of the Summit; for companies/merchants, advertisers, beginner affiliates, bloggers and advanced affiliates, so be sure to plan accordingly.

The agenda also breaks down the different opportunities according to what badge you have. Some events are open to all badges, and some are only for Networking Plus, VIP and/or All Access Pass holders. Be sure to consider those when creating your itinerary.

On Saturday evening, at the Broadway Ballroom Foyer, there will be an Early Check-In. You can pick up your badge and bag, and even do some early networking. This would also give you an advantage for the next day. You would be ready to get started right away Sunday, and not have to worry about check-in.


Image Source: Affiliate Summit

If you can’t make it to New York on Saturday, you can always check in on Sunday and plan your day from there. If checking in Sunday morning, allow yourself some extra time because it may take a little longer than if you check-in Saturday evening.

You might also want to look over the list of exhibitors. This will give you the details on who will be at the Meet Market or an exhibitor with a booth at the Summit. You can check out the Meet Market Map or the Exhibit Hall Map, to plan what exhibits to check out throughout the days of the Summit.

If you need help, the best tool of all to help you survive the Affiliate Summit would be the Affiliate Summit East 2014 app. You can download it on your tablet or smart phone. If you do, you will have all the details you need with you at all times. The ASE14 app will give you access to the Summit agenda and list of speakers while on the go.


Before using the app, you should check out the video Affiliate Summit has provided. It has tips on utilizing the ASE 2014 app.

When at Affiliate Summit East, also consider the parties that take place. Social gatherings are another great place for networking and searching for new contacts. Affiliate Summit posts the parties that are open to Affiliate Summit attendees on their website. You can also go to Twitter to find details on additional parties.

Once you have decided what aspects of the Affiliate Summit are most beneficial to you, and you have created your schedule for the Summit, you are ready to go. Even though the Summit is jack-packed with events and networking opportunities, try not to over-schedule. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin. Going with a scheduled plan, is the best way to stay prepared.

For more awesome Affiliate Summit updates, check out the Boost Affiliates Blog. Also, follow the Boost Affiliates Facebook Page. The Affiliate Summit Website is also packed full of information and is a great place to do some exploring. Boost Software will also be at Affiliate Summit East this year, so stop by to say “Hi!”.


Boost Software Partners with Neverblue

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The most recent news at Boost® Software headquarters, is the recent deal made with Neverblue. Neverblue is a Canadian-based, digital media company. This deal, being exclusive to Neverblue, is a huge opportunity for Boost Affiliates and Neverblue registered users alike.


The combination of Neverblue and Boost Software means big opportunities for affiliates and online marketers. The PPI (Pay Per Install), also referred to CPI, offered by Boost Software via the Neverblue Network, has been in the top 5 offers on Neverblue since the launch date earlier this year. The offers, being exclusive to Neverblue, include Boost Software’s PC HealthBoost® and PC SpeedBoost™ software. If you prefer to work your sales on a CPS, they have some exclusive pricing for that too. Contact Chad Wilton at Neverblue for more details:

neverblueimageImage Credit: @neverblue on Twitter

Neverblue recently released a Youtube video, breaking down the details of the exclusive Boost Software Deals they now offer. The video features Boost Software’s very own Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar. Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar are the Co-founders and Co-CEOs of Boost Software. The video contains essential information regarding the marketing of these new deals.

Recently Neverblue and Boost Software teamed up again, for an Affiliate Meet Up that took place in Tel Aviv. It was an elegant event, complete with keynote speakers from both companies. The new opportunities at the Neverblue network were covered, as well as other affiliate and marketing-related topics. The event took place on June 12th, was free for Neverblue users, and was a huge success.

tel aviv meet up rsvp

Coming up soon, Neverblue and Boost Software will be joining forces again to host a much talked about cocktail hour during Affiliate Summit East 2014 (ASE14) at the 48 Lounge Experience. The event is for Neverblue affiliates only, but it’s not too late to sign up for these incredible offers. ASE14 will be taking place in New York, New York at the Marriott Marquis.


As you can see, this partnership has already brought on big things. Be sure to stay tuned for more from Boost Software and Neverblue. You can always find more from Boost Software and Boost Affiliates on their Social Media Pages. Boost Software also recently launched an Instagram account. You can also keep up with the latest news, here, on the Boost Affiliates Blog.

Boost Affiliates Senior Sales Manager to Attend and Co-Sponsor Tel Aviv Meet Up

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Boost Affiliates Senior Sales Manager to Attend and Co-Sponsor Tel Aviv Meet Up

After signing an exclusivity agreement with Neverblue, a Canadian-based digital marketing company, Boost® Software has experienced a very exciting month. Boost Software will be co-sponsoring a joint Affiliate Meet and Greet with Neverblue later this month.

Neverblue has gained exclusive access to Boost Software’s PPI (Pay per Install) offers. Boost Software hit the ground running with these offers and has steadily remained in the top five offers on the network. They are also one of the fastest-growing offers on the network for both PPI and CPS (Cost Per Sale).

tel aviv meet up rsvp

With their global reach, leading payouts, and incredible exclusive offers, Neverblue is the number one affiliate network to be a part of. You can hear more about this partnership at the Tel Aviv Meet Up. This fast-approaching event will be taking place on June 12th, and you can RSVP with the click of a button.

The Meet Up will take place in Tel Aviv at the Shalvata Beach Bar on the Tel Aviv Port. Shalvata is known for their food, music, and breathtaking views. This will be a great place for Neverblue and Boost Software to share their knowledge with new and seasoned affiliates alike. The Meet Up with Neverblue and Boost Software is absolutely free for all members, which is incredible for a priceless learning experience.


Whether you are looking to brush up on your skills, do some major networking, or learn something new, the Tel Aviv Meet Up has something for everyone. Several important speakers will be addressing different affiliate related topics, even Boost Software—specific topics will be addressed later.

The Senior Sales Manager Pete Futchko of Boost Software is attending to answer any affiliate questions about their new offers. Neverblue will be sharing great tips on the latest and greatest from their site, thanks to their Senior Affiliate Manager Julia Schmitt and Network Director of European Operations Kenny Howell.

If you have the chance to make it to Tel Aviv on June 12th, you do not want to miss this. In addition to the free networking, free speakers, and priceless information, there will also be food and drinks provided to attendees. If you are planning on attending, please RSVP, and let Neverblue and Boost Software know you will be joining them.



Watch for #ASE14 Free Passes from Boost Affiliates

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Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, or just interested, Affiliate Summit is the place to go. With vendors, networking, and keynote speakers, Affiliate Summit is a great place to be. This year Affiliate Summit East will be at the New York Marriott Marquis in New York, NY. It is a 3-day event, that is jam-packed with everything affiliate related.

Affiliate Summit East (#ASE14) will start on August 10th, and run through August 12th. Affiliate Marketing Experts will be there to share advice, and share their wisdom. It’s a great place to learn what is trending this year, and what is new in affiliate marketing. The networking that you can participate in at ASE14 is priceless.


Boost® Affiliates will be giving away 3 passes to attend Affiliate Summit East 2014. The Boost Affiliates ASE14 Sweepstakes will launch on April 2nd, 2014, and will conclude on July 31st, 2014. The first winner will be chosen around the first of June. That winner will be awarded a pass to Affiliate Summit East, as well as a limo ride to and from their hotel room on the first day of ASE14.

Towards the end of July, Boost Affiliates will pick two additional winners, to get the passes to the Affiliate Summit. These passes are Networking Plus Passes, and have an ARV of $549 a piece. A Networking Plus Pass gets you access to Exhibit Hall, the Meet Market, the Keynote Speakers, and more.

To enter for your chance to be one of the lucky winners, just go to Boost Affiliates’ Facebook Page. There is a Sweepstakes Tab that is easily accessible. You can enter the Sweepstakes daily, and gain additional entries by tweeting about the giveaway, or sharing your link with your friends. The more that enter through your link, the more entries you will gain. The Sweepstakes is now live, so go enter now: Good Luck!


Disclosure: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. Winner(s) will be contacted by email within 72 hours after the Boost Affiliates Sweepstakes ends. If you have any additional questions – feel free to send us an email, or personal message. 

Boost Software Starts New Computer Technology Scholarship Program

Written by: Erin Walsh

Boost LogoPC HealthBoost® software, a top registry cleaner created by Boost® Software, just started a brand new scholarship program for college students. The objective for doing so is to encourage students to pursue their interests in computers and technology careers.

What is the Award Amount?

A grant for $1,000 will be awarded to interested students. A new award will be offered each semester.

Who can Apply for the Scholarship?

Any student who is currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational program can enter to win. Previous scholarship winners also can keep trying for a new financial award every semester.

Boost scholarship

PC HealthBoost Scholarship Award Guidelines

Interested students can write an essay of between 750 to 1500 words or prepare a two-minute multimedia video about the importance of computers in daily life.

When creating the content for submissions, students can answer one or more of these questions:

  • Why do we need computers in college?
  • For what tasks do employers most need current technology?
  • How does a PC increase profits and productivity?
  • What is the most challenging troubleshooting scenario you resolved?
  • Why do most people use a computer?
  • What are some creative maintenance tips you can share with others?

Note: Persons submitting a video instead of a document will need to provide a live link to the video stored online when entering the scholarship contest.

Application Deadlines

For the fall semester, students must submit their scholarship contest entries by July 31st of the same year. For spring-semester applicants the deadline for turning in their scholarship entries is December 1st for awards to be issued shortly thereafter.

How will Scholarship Winners be Chosen?

A special PC HealthBoost Scholarship committee will make the decision after reviewing all recent video and essay submissions. Students who have been selected as a $1,000 scholarship award recipient will receive an email notification the second Monday following the scholarship application deadline date.

Any Questions?

Please direct all questions about how to enter the PC HealthBoost Scholarship Award to We will be happy to answer all your questions.

PC HealthBoost Software Now at $50 Commission for Affiliates

Written by: Pete Futchko

Are you making more than 50 sales of PC HealthBoost® software every month? If so, you’re probably eligible for increased commissions. How does $50 per sale sound?

This is available only  to our affiliates who make 50 or more sales of PC HealthBoost software per calendar month. That’s actually not too hard to make, once you get going–it comes out to about one-and-a-half sales a day.

We’re running this special to increase our brand recognition while being good to our affiliates. Most registry cleaners stay at the $30 and under range (and most of those hover around $21).

Speaking of those other guys, a $50 commission will let you outspend most other brands’ affiliates to capture the sale–and still make a profit. You can easily spend more per sale that most other companies’ affiliates make per sale.

I can only think of one other registry cleaner that comes close to this commission rate for its affiliates–and you won’t get the kind of personal attention with them that you will with us.

Speaking of personal attention: Feel free to email me (just click the link) at pfutchko at boostsoftware dot com if you need any help or advice making it to the $50 commission mark.

Boost Affiliates Roundup January 25 2014

Written by: Erin Walsh

Are you making all of the money you would like? Even seven-figure affiliates typically aren’t–everybody always wants more!

This week you’re in luck. Boost® Affiliates Roundup has unearthed three affiliate news nuggets for you that can help you boost your income, and won’t cost you any money at all. It’s time to learn to use Pinterest in ways you might not expect, discover how being awkward at a party can make you a better marketer, and learn more about an important demographic for online software sellers.

Pinterest Just Got Even Better for Affiliates

Pinterest has long been known as a good way to rank well in search engines. Yes, Google did give the image-sharing site a minor slap in 2013 as things got a bit out of control. But Pinterest is still going strong as a way to attract customers to your site–and not just because of search engines.

ShareThis just released a helpful infographic about Pinterest that shows how people use the site. According the the company’s research, Pinterest has finally surpassed email as the #1 preferred method of sharing online!

There are also other ways to get more traffic with Pinterest that don’t involve ranking its pages in Google. Click here to see how you can angle the world’s favorite image sharing site to boost your campaigns.

How College Party Confusion can Help You Be a Better Marketer

If you’ve ever gone to a college party (or for that matter any party where you didn’t already know everyone), you already know five valuable marketing lessons. Don’t worry if you felt awkward–that actually helps.

The way many of us struggle to connect at parties is actually a good thing when it comes to marketing. That’s because it gets us asking the same kinds of questions we need to ask in order to know our target market online. You can read more at Adotas, an affiliate marketing news source.

An Insight Into Our Target Market

Boost Software serves a number of demographics and customer profiles. One that we’ve been growing lately is the younger Baby Boomer and older Gen X mom market. (Check out the MOMenvy blog, for example.)

A new report by Adroit Digital reveals buying behavior and otehr elements of this demographic. While not everything in there is applicable to marketing , PC HealthBoost™ you can certainly find some useful nuggets. You can also find a summary of the report at Adotas.



Boost Affiliates Roundup January 17 2014

Written by: Erin Walsh


Bummed By Google’s Absence of Keyword Data? This Could be a Solution

Google took a big bite out of everyone’s game last summer when they stopped showing keyword data for organic search. Luckily, there is a new solution that can help you better understand which keywords bring your site the most traffic, and therefore which ones you should target the most.

(For new affiliates who never used Google Analytics keyword data, I highly suggest you check out the link below. This kind of data can easily make the difference between quick success and slow failure, especially if you don’t have the budget for large amounts of paid traffic.)

Learn more about Searchmetrics.

Content AND Keywords

Speaking of keywords…

Keywords always have been important. Probably always will be. But as of Google’s Hummingbird update, what’s most important is how you “put them in the mix” of your content.

In other words, context matters more than ever. Content that offers solutions to problems and/or vital information is going to rank higher, more quickly than less useful content that features the same keywords. (A bonus is that once they realized how much is involved in keeping up their PC, they’ll understand what a value that PC optimization software like PC HealthBoost really does offer.)

This is the kind of content that Google bigwig Matt Cutts has been telling us to create all along–but he hasn’t always had the algorithm to back him up. Now he does.

Personally, I feel the title of this linked article is a little overstated. Keywords still do very much matter. But the article below explains how they are only one (albeit one very important) part of the mix:

Content and Keywords.

Boost Affiliates Attends Affiliate Summit West 2014 Las Vegas

Boost® Software Affiliate Manager Pete Futchko, Vice President of Business Development Brock Bourne, and myself attended Affiliate Summit West 2014 in Las Vegas last week. It was a blast, and lots of good contacts were made. Plus rap stars Flava Flav and B Real showed up at the Affiliate Ball, with surprise guest star Coolio in attendance as well.

I’ll have more about it soon, and how it affects our affiliates. Until then, here is a news piece by Warren Corpus on Affiliates Summit West 2014, Las Vegas.



Meet Us at Affiliate Summit West and Earn 90% Commissions #ASW14

Written by: Erin Walsh

We’re giving out 90% commissions on a trial basis to new affiliates who meet us at Affiliate Summit West 2014 Meet Market #ASW14. We’ll also give welcome packages to new affiliates. These packages include a iPhone speakers, as well as a chance to win a new iPad!

You’d better hurry, though: spots are limited, and filling up fast. To set up a meeting with the Boost Affiliates team, just email

Speaking of iPads, Boost Software will also be giving an iPad away at the Affiliate Summm it West 2014 Las Vegas Meet Market. If you’re already in (we hear that registration is closed), come by our booth, register for a free iPad, and find out how you can make 90% commissions on a product with a “greased chute” sales funnel!

Is SEO Worth The Effort?

Written by: Guest Author

Is SEO Worth the EffortOne of the most exciting and engaging things about the SEO industry is how fast-changing and dynamic it is. For those who are new to the industry or are only just starting to learn about how SEO can make a difference to their website, those same characteristics make it a frustrating industry, too.

A common feature that anyone connected to or interested in the industry in recent months, in particular, will have noticed is that many are claiming that “SEO is dead”, and that algorithms like Google Panda and Google Penguin serve to do nothing else but tighten the noose.

Moving On With SEO

Ask yourself this: if SEO really was dead, would Google continue to put out blog posts, videos, and issue webmaster guidelines that told you the best ways to optimize your site? Of course, there are many who think that Google is simply pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Simply head over to Search Engine Land and check out anything related to a Matt Cutts video to see what we mean!

These issues cause many people to question whether SEO is worth the effort. After all, in a “real life” situation, people would think you were mad to be doing something now that might not have any impact in 6-12 months’ time, so why change anything for SEO purposes?

SEO Works

Whatever you think about Google and the SEO industry in general, it cannot be doubted that white hat SEO works. The reason it works is because it involves little more than consistently producing excellent content and making sure your website is set up to run correctly, at the most basic level.

If you bring all the elements of SEO together, from keyword research and on-site optimization to content marketing and social media, you’re sure to enhance your search presence. If you’re doing it right, then whatever changes in six months’ time, you’re still going to be well positioned.

Avoiding Temptation

It is difficult for many to get their head around the fact that SEO takes time. However, if you’re tempted to try anything black hat to gain a quick advantage, it is best to resist.

Reputable SEO agencies like Bough SEO regularly use their blog to talk about the problems caused by even a little black hat SEO, especially when they’re then contacted by potential clients who want their mistakes eradicated as quickly as they made them.

Accepting the Industry

SEO is not an exact science, and no one is ever going to say the search industry is perfect. However, by accepting what needs to be done, businesses of all sizes can benefit from SEO, and they should certainly be making an effort to optimize their site and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Yes, Google might change the rules in a few months’ time, but when an average of 70% of browsers use Google to find what they’re looking for, you can either accept it and make the best of it, or risk your business being an online nonentity.

Guest Author: Daniel is a marketing student who is amazed at how many businesses question the value of marketing in general, but particularly the more effective methods such as SEO. Daniel is planning to launch his own website in 2014 where he will provide research and case studies related to the industry.